New Tool Lets Users Create Hyperlapse Videos From Google Street View

Google Street View is a great tool for traveling from the comfort of your chair, but for some of us, it may move a bit slow.

The creative people of Teehan+Lax have found a new way to use Street View to create warp-speed hyperlapse trips back and forth between More >


Facial Animation Brought To Life By NVIDIA’s ‘Face Works’

For computer animators and game developers, one of the biggest challenges is crafting realistic human characters without dropping their audience off the proverbial cliff of the “uncanny valley”. The phrase, uncanny valley, was coined by robotics professor Masahiro Mori in 1970. It refers to the following hypothesis: as robots More >


BitTorrent Live Makes Video Broadcasting Easier, Cheaper Through P2P

BitTorrent, known for its peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing protocol, has announced a new broadcasting service. This new method of video streaming draws upon the BitTorrent P2P protocol, permitting the video stream to become more and more stable as more people tune in — instead of the other way around. More >


Facebook To Support Hashtags In Posts

Facebook will soon intensify its competition with Twitter as it prepares to roll out hashtag support. The social network already allows members to tag people, places and pages. Permitting hashtags will open a new world of possibilities for the company and its users.

Facebook would benefit in many ways More >

WiGig Chipset

WiGig breaks 1-watt barrier, 5Gbps wireless hopefully on its way to smartphones

Panasonic has developed the most power-efficient WiGig radio chip in the world. Using less than 1 watt of power, the new chip is intended to be used in mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, hence the extremely low power requirements.

Prior to the development of this chip, WiGig was More >

Western Digital SSHD

Western Digital showcases hybrid SSHD technology during CES

Western Digital showcased a new hybrid solid state drive technology at this year’s CES. Known as SSHD, the solution combines the speed of a solid state drive with the capacity of a traditional spinning hard drive.

WD believes that solid state storage will continue to remain much more expensive More >

Firefox OS on Geeksphone

Firefox OS To Be Used by Geeksphone

The Firefox OS, an open-source, heavily Web-dependent mobile operating system that Mozilla is developing, will be rolling out in February on some chic-looking smartphones.

Mozilla’s director of websites and developer engagement, Stormy Peters, introduced the first two smartphone models in a blog post. They are being made by a More >

IBM Flexible Nanocircuitry

IBM develops flexible nanocircuitry 10,000 times thinner than paper

As circuitry expectations for circuitry continue to grow in a wide variety of markets, IBM researchers have turned to developing high-performance nanoscale circuits that are thin enough to be folded and bent to fit in a wide variety of devices. From curvy computers to implantable medical devices, these razor More >

Kim DotCom Mega

Kim DotCom’s Mega Cloud Storage Launches

Kim Dotcom, founder of MegaUpload, has officially launched his Mega cloud storage service with much fanfare. Mega is currently a simple-to-use parking place for data. Users may store up to 50GB of data for free. Pricing tiers for storage requirements beyond that start at approximately $13 per month for More >

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